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Oily Hair...I do care!

As your girl hits puberty, her hair will likely start to get oily. This is new to her and she needs your gentle guidance! With the onset of puberty and hormones starting to pump through a body that is ready to start changing, oil glands start over-producing. This is what can cause acne and also - greasy hair. How often do should she scrub? You may need to experiment a bit. If your girl is active in sports and sweating, she should wash her scalp everyday. Others do better with washing their hair every other day or even every third day. Greasy hair is the result of overactive sebaceous glands, which are producing too much sebum. Although sebum is good for the hair, keeping it healthy, smooth and preventing it from drying out and breaking, too much can cause the hair to look slick and greasy. Shampoo Scrubdown You may need to revisit how to scrub your hair with shampoo in the shower or tub.
Encourage your girl to pay extra attention to the crown area that can sometimes get missed if she has long hair. Empowering her to have healthy hair: Let her pick out a shampoo and conditioner at the store. I know it is easy just to give her some shampoo and tell her to scrub it. However, if you want her to get excited and take some ownership over her haircare, it is a super easy and fun mother-daughter moment to let her pick out her own scent. Be sure to take notice of clean, shiny hair that smells good, and comment on it. It will make her feel good that you noticed and also reinforce that is good hair care.

Speaking Identity Into Your Girl

Identity is a word that we all struggle with. It is at the core of the big questions. Who are we? As your girl becomes a tween and enters into her teen years, she begins to be influenced by the many voices in our world competing for her attention. You have an opportunity to speak identity into your girl. What does your family believe in? What core attributes define your family? Remind them of who they are...even when you don't think they are listening. In our family we are learners and leaders. In our family we are kind and look for opportunities to be a blessing to others. If you don't speak words of identity to your girl, someone else will. We all want to belong and have a sense of what makes us unique and special. Identity helps keep us centered. It helps define us. Identity even gives us purpose. Identity Ideas You can speak #identity in the morning, at the dinner table, or before bed. You can write notes and sing songs. Remind your girl of who she is with encouraging and equipping words. Repetition in this area is powerful. It is what will cement it into her heart and spirit. So that when the questions arise, she has some strong and helpful, positive words that immediately come to her mind. When the haters of this world speak words of hurt, pain, and shame, she needs to have your encouraging voice speaking positive words that she can use to help counter the ugly negative that can play so powerfully on repeat. Here's a few phrases to get you thinking... Girls in our family are smart. Girls in our family are healthy. Girls in our family are brave. Girls in our family are happy.

Gossip and Your Girl

When there are girls around, gossip is likely just around the corner. How do you talk with your girl about how to handle this? Girltribe Nation has you covered. Gossip is sometimes hard to define, but we tend to know when we hear it. Dishing or tattling or plain old telling stories about another person. Gossip is talking about someone else's private affairs with other people. Sometimes it is the thrill of a secret, sometimes it is inside jokes or details about another person. Someone who talks easily and eagerly about other people is a gossiper. They soon get a reputation as one who cannot be trusted. A gossiper can also be used by others to start quarrels and cause dissension. Girltribe Nation is all about lifting one another up rather than tearing one another down. We believe that there can be incredible power and support in the sisterhood. Why do girls gossip? Girls gossip out of jealousy. It is very tempting to make others look bad so that you can try to make yourself look better. Tweens and teens are constantly trying on new identities so it can be tempting to talk about what everyone else is doing. When you find yourself in a gossip situation, you can excuse yourself and walk away, you can tell the person who is sharing the information that you don't feel comfortable talking about that, or you can change the subject and say something positive and affirming about the person who was gossiping. Often the person who is sharing the gossip is having a low personal esteem moment and you have the opportunity to use your words to not only encourage her, but change the outcome of that conversation. Girltribe Nation believes that we can use our words for good. They are powerful and we want to use our words to build people up rather than tear people down.