Speaking Identity Into Your Girl

Identity is a word that we all struggle with. It is at the core of the big questions. Who are we? As your girl becomes a tween and enters into her teen years, she begins to be influenced by the many voices in our world competing for her attention.

You have an opportunity to speak identity into your girl. What does your family believe in? What core attributes define your family? Remind them of who they are...even when you don't think they are listening.

In our family we are learners and leaders. In our family we are kind and look for opportunities to be a blessing to others.

If you don't speak words of identity to your girl, someone else will. We all want to belong and have a sense of what makes us unique and special.

Identity helps keep us centered. It helps define us. Identity even gives us purpose.

Identity Ideas

You can speak #identity in the morning, at the dinner table, or before bed. You can write notes and sing songs. Remind your girl of who she is with encouraging and equipping words. Repetition in this area is powerful. It is what will cement it into her heart and spirit. So that when the questions arise, she has some strong and helpful, positive words that immediately come to her mind.

When the haters of this world speak words of hurt, pain, and shame, she needs to have your encouraging voice speaking positive words that she can use to help counter the ugly negative that can play so powerfully on repeat. Here's a few

phrases to get you thinking...

Girls in our family are smart.

Girls in our family are healthy.

Girls in our family are brave.

Girls in our family are happy.

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