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Girltribe Nation Academy offers online classes for tween and teen girls.

Topics include: puberty, body changes, Reproduction, healthy choices, growing up, decision making, courage and life.

Online Classes

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This class covers body changes for ages 9-12

1. What Is Puberty?

2. Puberty Skin Care

3. Puberty Hair Care

4. Puberty Nail Care

5. Growing Breasts & Bras

6. Getting Your Period

7. Reproduction

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The Growing Up Girl is for the premium puberty and body changes online course for tween girls. Moms who want to be intentional about their daughter's puberty education and play an active role will love this class. More than just another online class, this experience is filled with fun teaching videos, downloadable PDFs, and Mother-Daughter dates to talk through all the things. This is for moms who want a helping hand with all things puberty while investing in an intentional, modest, and character-filled approach to puberty.

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