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Hi, I'm Lisa Toney. I founded GirlTribe Nation so that we can raise tween girls to be: 

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With the pressures of this world ringing loudly in their ears, our girl's identities are constantly being undermined, challenged, and corrupted.


It doesn't have to be that way. It should not be that way.  Let's give them rock solid identity confidence with clarity in how to make choices that will realize their dreams.


Our girls were created with purpose and they should have the opportunity to live out that purpose without being pressured into early and dangerous sexual exploration. Many education models in our culture tell them to engage in early, active, and experimental sexual behaviors that can leave them confused with deep emotional and relational wounds, depression, STIs, unplanned pregnancies, or the haunting memory of an abortion. 


Girltribe Nation exists to give a healthier and wiser alternative with a protective approach. We believe tween and teen girls should be protected by their parents from being early sexualized, over-sexualized, hyper-sexualized, objectified, and encouraged to participate in the casual sex culture.


Girls who participate in early sexual activity are far less likely to reach their life goals. Girls who delay early sexual activity are far more likely to reach their educational, relational, professional, and family goals.

Girltribe Nation believes there is a better way to give girls the knowledge they need about puberty, their changing bodies, growing up, and making decisions that will honor and empower their future dreams and goals. We have a Success Path strategy designed exclusively for tween girls. This path allows you to give them what they need to create an intentional life rather than fall into an accidental one riddled with consequences that derail their life.





















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Our mission is to provide sexually protective puberty education, life skills, and decision-making empowerment to tween girls. We do this by providing content to be discussed within the mother-daughter relationship so as to nurture this as a primary relational connection in a girl's life through the adolescent years.

Girltribe Nation believes that the mother-daughter relationship is essential in a girl's life. We provide intentional resources such as online classes, podcasts, videos, and events to offer support, guidance, and fun in the pursuit of building and strengthening this relationship.


Together, we can help our girls rise above the waves of lies that pressure our tween and teen girls to be sexually active, experimental, and objectified.

Girls were made for greatness. Every girl is created with purpose to be known, loved, cherished, and to do great things. Girltribe Nation is all about pointing them down that path. Come on and join us at 

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